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Author Topic: Both sprite sheets AND redundant sprites always included in the build?  (Read 391 times)


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I have been using 2Dtk for some years now and made 4 games with it, both mobile and windows standalone.

I noticed that in EVERY project, regardless of target platform, the sprite sheets AND the redundant original single sprite imports are always included in the build, which bloats up the asset size enormously.
I usually delete all the sprites from the asset folder, before compiling, but then of course get a batch of errors  - and need to reimport the whole folder once again, for every build iteration.

This cannot be how this is supposed to work.
I am clearly doing something wrong. Can someone please tell me which setting I have obviously overlooked !

much much appreciated!


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The originals should never be included in a build. Do you ever reference them anywhere in your scenes?

You shouldn't need to delete the sprites.