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Releases / Re: 2D Toolkit BETA
« Last post by habitoti on Today at 05:40:02 AM »
This should be fixed with this Beta (open sprite collection through new „Edit...“ funtion in tk2d menu).

However, I had one or two occasions where it still happened again and added sprites where missing on later opening. It seems not to be 100% stable yet. However I couldn‘t reproduce it and find a stable root cause to report. For now I just check back immediately to not later forget what needs to be in the collection, and it is ok most of the time!

Please note that there is still one other issue in case you use platform support. If you change source graphics on the filesystem, Unity just updates the platform collection that is currently selected for the editor. The other(s) will be messed up. Make sure you finally re-check all supported resolutions explicitly and re-commit them in tk2d collection editor, if required.

Regards, habitoti
Releases / Re: 2D Toolkit BETA
« Last post by zblack on March 21, 2019, 09:37:50 PM »
I'm trying out the build with Unity 2018.3.9f1. Sprite collections are committing and I can see the changes reflected in the scene. However, when I go back to edit the collection again it seems to be loading the old one? Sprites that I had removed/added/renamed are all back. Is there a cache for this being held somewhere?
Support / Re: Issues with Unity 2018
« Last post by hyuns0623 on March 07, 2019, 04:40:22 AM »
Thank you very much! ;D
Support / Re: Issues with Unity 2018
« Last post by Kirb on March 05, 2019, 11:00:34 AM »
Thanks; it's a big relief to know that the fix is working!
Support / Re: Issues with Unity 2018
« Last post by unikronsoftware on March 04, 2019, 10:13:12 PM »
First beta release for 2018.3. Some known issues, but finally on the way to a proper release. Shame it took unity so long to finally fix the issue :(
Releases / 2D Toolkit BETA
« Last post by unikronsoftware on March 04, 2019, 10:09:54 PM »
BETA2 RELEASE - Unity 2018.3.7 required for this release
After reworking this numerous times, this is progressing in the right direction.

Keep in mind this is still a beta! Make backups before updating.

Fixed issues
  • Edit functionality has been now fixed! Moved to 2D Toolkit / Edit menu.

Known issues
  • Sometimes sprites don't update in the viewport, but will be sorted when the scene is re-opened

Support / Re: Issues with Unity 2018
« Last post by unikronsoftware on March 01, 2019, 09:32:39 PM »
Unity 2018.3.6 has fixed the main issue we were having. I'm working through all the rest of the permutations to make sure its all working properly and I expect to release a new version over the weekend.
Support / Can't edit Animations or Collections, blue cube with white document icon
« Last post by FZGames on February 28, 2019, 11:52:34 PM »

I'm supposed to have a game finished in a few days and since 2D Toolkit broke when I upgraded to Unity 2018.3, I downgraded back to 2018.2 again, but I'm having a strange problem, where if I try to edit my animations or collections, they show up as the normal blue prefab cube but with a white rectangular 'document' icon on top of them, and Unity won't let me click the 'Open Editor' button, saying "Components that are only on some of the selected objects cannot be multi-edited". I can confirm that there is only one object selected, the prefab 2D Toolkit created. With Sprite Collections, I can select something which uses a collection and press the 'e' button to edit it, but animation wise there's no option to edit it without selecting it in the editor. I'm really stuck. I rolled back the files in GitHub even with no difference. What has happened here? Has some kind of reference been broken? I've tried Rebuild Index and Rebuild All Sprites. Please help.
Support / Re: Issues with Unity 2018
« Last post by Kostazz on February 28, 2019, 07:38:39 AM »
Unicronsoftware any comment for this problem plz? Our dev work stoped now
Support / Re: Issues with Unity 2018
« Last post by eduilnero on February 26, 2019, 08:45:58 AM »
Hi guys, I contacted Unikron with some changes to fix the path issue some days ago but so far I have no official response. If you want to try something on your own here is what I did. Unity Experimental brings Prefab Stage which is some context when you access Prefab Edit Mode. I hope it helps.

Code: [Select]
public static string GetPathFromSpriteCollectionInPrefabEditMode(tk2dSpriteCollection gen)
        if (gen == null) return null;

        string assetPath = AssetDatabase.GetAssetPath(gen);
        if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(assetPath))
            PrefabStage prefabStage = PrefabStageUtility.GetPrefabStage(gen.gameObject);
            if (prefabStage != null)
                assetPath = prefabStage.prefabAssetPath;
        return assetPath;
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