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Support / Re: Blend2TexVertexColor on instances of objects
« Last post by coshea on March 06, 2018, 02:11:16 PM »

I *think* it is working, although the gradient texture needs to be the same size as the atlas? If I have lots of small sprites in an Atlas, lets say 1024x1024, and a gradient texture that is only 100x100, when using this modification to the shader, it only works for sprites on the atlas in the first 100x100 of the atlas image. Is this because of the vertex position used for the gradient?

ideally you want to use the vertex pos from the atlas for the base sprite, but on the gradient texture starting at 0,0 rather than the atlas position.

Any idea how to fix that? Many thanks
Support / Re: NES Style Graphics Recommendation?
« Last post by unikronsoftware on March 05, 2018, 11:54:52 AM »
The main question is what do you want to happen when running at a high resolution? Eg. if your pixel art is designed for 320x480, what do you want to happen when running at 1080p - do you want to scale (i.e. each pixel gets doubled / tripled to closest resolution) or just show a ton more stuff on screen...

One option is to disable the sprite controls - (preferences, enable sprite controls). The handles are controlled by that.

If you want them enabled, but want it to be the tighter bounds, tk2dsprite.cs, line 249 or so
   void OnDrawGizmos() {
         Gizmos.DrawCube(Vector3.Scale(sprite.untrimmedBoundsData[0], _scale), Vector3.Scale(sprite.untrimmedBoundsData[1], _scale));

Rename untrimmedBoundsData to boundsData

Support / NES Style Graphics Recommendation?
« Last post by zeteginara on February 15, 2018, 05:12:50 AM »
I want to make an old school 2D platformer with graphics like that of an NES. I know I'm not doing anything new here, as this has been done before using Unity.

The problem is, suppose I want to make this using multiple devices (Switch, iPhone, Android, 3DS, PC), and each of these devices have different aspect ratios.... but I want the end result to be pixel-perfect no matter the device it is played on.

I know that modern 2D games would utilize high-resolution graphics that get shrunken and filtered, and don't have to be pixel perfect.

How would you recommend going about this using Unity + 2D Toolkit, and do something like what Stardew Valley or Thimbleweed Park do?

I do want to do this right from the ground up.  :)

Hi, so I have a bunch of building sprites that share the same image dimensions
However since they all overlap, most of the time I'm clicking on the empty space outside the green border in the image which is super annoying...
Is there a way to fix this?
Support / Re: 2d animation in UI
« Last post by unikronsoftware on February 13, 2018, 11:38:34 AM »
Are the sprites visible on each camera independently? ie. are the layers set up correctly?
Support / 2d animation in UI
« Last post by twbd on February 10, 2018, 04:15:10 PM »

I'm using standart unity camera since it can send the view to different display (i have 2 displays 1 for game 2nd for UI).
Ihave created all animation sequences it works perfect BUT. When i addd to my canvases it is not showing anything.

What should i do?

Support / Re: Sprite Effects/Shaders
« Last post by kenshin on February 03, 2018, 09:21:15 PM »

I understand that sprite renderer support will take time ...

Could you please give us a guide how to make effects like 2DxFX shaders usage (outline etc) in toolkit2d ? we can rewrite those shaders by ourselves. Just need some practical guidelines for it. Plus, u can mention differences about tk2d rendere and sprite renderer etc.

thx for the great product again  ...

Support / Re: Sprite Effects/Shaders
« Last post by Kirb on February 02, 2018, 01:22:04 AM »

I've tried a few different ones that work quite nicely; unfortunately they generally only work with Unity sprites or 3D meshes.

If you ever happen to find an easier or plug-and-play shader method to generate a nice outline or glow around *animated* 2DTK sprites, please let me know.
From what I've read there's a few methods, but none that don't require a pretty significant amount of work, as far as I can tell.

It would be fantastic if 2DTK could use the Sprite Renderer as an alternative to the 2DTK Renderer, but I believe Unity hasn't exposed enough for him to integrate them (or at least, as of mid-2017, perhaps that's changed now!?). It would be ideal though, because then we could use a lot of the bells and whistles that Sprite Renderers enjoy while keeping stuff like 2DTK's much superior animation workflow and other features.
Releases / 2D Toolkit
« Last post by unikronsoftware on January 24, 2018, 10:59:58 PM »
Please read the migration guide before updating. 2D Toolkit 2.x is not API compatible with 1.x.

Documentation available at:

Be sure to run "Setup for JavaScript" after importing if you're using JavaScript/UnityScript or Boo.

What's new
  • Fixed compile issue in Unity 2017.2
  • Fixed sprite picker in Unity 2017
  • Added shader define to stop auto upgrade in > 5.6
  • More Unity 2017.1f3 compatibility fixes
  • Fixed up Unity 2017.1f3 warnings
  • Exported in Unity 5.6. Previous versions of Unity are no longer supported
  • Removed tk2dSkin.dll dependency. Dll has been emptied out for backwards compatibility
  • Lots of bug fixes and improvements
  • Added experimental support for polygon colliders in tilemap. In the tilemap edit page, Edit > Settings > Tile Properties > Use 2D Polygon Colliders to turn this mode on.

Bug fixes and improvements
  • Experimenting with extensions
  • Fixed tilemap editor and scratchpad on highdpi displays
  • Fixed half texel offset in tk2dCamera in new Unity
  • Fixed texture watcher bug on Windows
  • Fixed tilemap prefab instantiation bug
  • Fixed tk2dCamera rotation issue, added support for WSA
  • Fixed issue with some inspectors not saving changes correctly in Unity 5.3+
  • Inertial scrolling fix for scrollable area
  • Removed platform specific functionality for WebPlayer, WP8 and Flash
  • Fixed negative box collider warning
  • Fixed input field string doubling up on Android
  • Rudimentary physics stripping to remove dependencies to 2D and/or 3D physics
  • Fixed deprecation warnings for Unity 5.4 and 5.5
  • Fixed texel size when atlas texture is globally scaled 0.5x or 0.25x
  • Editor collider rebuilder script - Don't rebuild when sprites have "user defined" colliders set
  • Texture importer supports "Sprite" textures as input in Unity 5.5
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