Sprite From Selected Texture

When to use.

Use this script when you are absolutely sure yours sprite will not be atlased. Eg. a big background that will only exist in a single level.

How to use.

  1. Select a texture in the project window.
  2. In hierarchy, Create > tk2d > Sprite From Selected Texture. (You will find this under the 2D Object submenu in Unity 4.6 and higher) Create Sprite From Texture
  3. Configure the newly created tk2d Sprite From Texture script.


Sprite From Texture

Texture - Drag in a texture into this slot to replace the texture used.

Anchor - The anchor point of the sprite.

Sprite Collection Size - The settings used to determine the physical size of the sprite. It is advisible to use the same settings as the rest of your sprites in your game here.