Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
tk2dRuntime.TileMap.ColorChannelColor channel
tk2dBaseSpriteSprite base class. Performs target agnostic functionality and manages state parameters
tk2dCameraMaintains a screen resolution camera. Whole number increments seen through this camera represent one pixel. For example, setting an object to 300, 300 will position it at exactly that pixel position
tk2dCameraAnchorAnchors children to anchor position, offset by number of pixels
tk2dCameraResolutionOverrideControls camera scale for different resolutions. Use this to display at 0.5x scale on iPhone3G or 2x scale on iPhone4
tk2dCameraSettingsMirrors the Unity camera class properties
tk2dClippedSpriteSprite implementation that clips the sprite using normalized clip coordinates
tk2dFontCharDefines one character in a font
tk2dFontDataStores data to draw and display a font
tk2dFontKerningDefines kerning within a font
tk2dPixelPerfectHelperAllows remapping resolution and rescaling based on settings in this class. Deprecated and replaced by tk2dCamera
tk2dSlicedSpriteSprite implementation that implements 9-slice scaling
tk2dSpriteSprite implementation which maintains its own Unity Mesh. Leverages dynamic batching
tk2dSpriteAnimationHolds a collection of clips
tk2dSpriteAnimationClipSprite Animation Clip contains a collection of frames and associated properties required to play it
tk2dSpriteAnimationFrameDefines an animation frame and associated data
tk2dSpriteAnimatorSprite animator. Attach this to a sprite class to animate it
tk2dSpriteAttachPointSprite Attach Point reference implementation Creates and manages a list of child gameObjects, with data for these sourced from the SpriteDefinition.AttachPoint. Position and rotation are supported
tk2dSpriteCollectionDataSprite Collection Data
tk2dSpriteCollectionSizeSprite collection size. Supports different methods of specifying size
tk2dSpriteColliderDefinitionAdvanced collider definitions
tk2dSpriteDefinitionSprite Definition
tk2dStaticSpriteBatcherStatic sprite batcher builds a collection of sprites, textmeshes into one static mesh for better performance
tk2dTextMeshText mesh
tk2dTiledSpriteSprite implementation that tiles a sprite to fill given dimensions
tk2dTileMapTile Map
tk2dUIAudioManagerSingleton AudioManager used by tk2dUISoundButton ex: tk2dUIAudioManager.Instance.Play(audioClip);
tk2dUIBaseItemControlButton base class. Button controls can extend this to get some base level structure and inspector editor support
tk2dUIDragItemUIItem you wish be able to drag on press
tk2dUIDropDownItemDropdown Item in the list of a DropDownMenu
tk2dUIDropDownMenuDropDown Menu Control
tk2dUIHoverItemOn HoverOver and HoverOut will switch states. Hover needs to be enabled to work (Hover actived(tk2dUIManager.areHoverEventsTracked), using a mouse and mult-touch is disabled (tk2dUIManager.useMultiTouch)
tk2dUIItemUI primary class. All colliders that need to response to touch/mouse events need to have this attached. This will then handle and dispatch events
tk2dUILayoutUI layout class
tk2dUIManagerUI logic. Manages all UI, raycasting, touch/mouse events passing and uiItem event notifications. For any tk2dUIItem to work there needs to be a tk2dUIManager in the scene
tk2dUIMultiStateToggleButtonToggleButton which can have multi-different states which it will toggle between
tk2dUIScrollableAreaScrollable Area Control. Can be actually by changing Value, external scrollbar or swipe gesture
tk2dUIScrollbarScrollbar/Slider Control
tk2dUISoundItemPlays audioclips based on uiItem events
tk2dUITextInputTextInput control
tk2dUIToggleControlToggle control that have both a toggle button and a description text
tk2dUITouchExact copy of Touch struct, except this one can be set
tk2dUITweenItemWill scale uiItem up and down, on press events
tk2dUIUpDownButtonUpDown Button, changes state based on if it is up or down
tk2dUIUpDownHoverButtonUpDown Button, changes state based on if it is up or down, plus hover